HACKING Airgeddon

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HACKING Airgeddon
Penetration-Testing / Compromising
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Airgeddon is a multi use wireless audit tool.
Its possible to pentest WEP and WPA2 Networks. Its included into a security parrot and KALI installation. The main features are Evil Twin Attacks/ Package Capturing and there is a Bruteforce Cracker included with aircrack-ng - but for better performance you should use something like hashcat with GPU support if you try to decrypt handshakes.

-> Full Support for 2.4/5G
-> PMKID Capturing
-> WPS Scanning / Pixie Dust / Null PIN
-> Cleaning Handshake Files
-> Change the Mode from a Network adapter

Its like a all in one tool and very comfortable to use.
Testes successfully on a local WEP Network configured for this purpose.
Not recommended for WPA2 - this requires a long time and will mostly fail
without greater knowledge of wifi pentesting.


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