N-Body Simulator

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N-Body Simulator
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This is my theory area for the N-Body Simulator.

Goal: The plan is to create a N-Body Simulator for public use in this webinterface.
Languages: PHP/JS
Needings: Fitting Equations, Generaly a Plan

This Project will only be able to create 2D like simulations
3D Simulations with a 3 Vector Positions will not be supported!
Maybe i will start something later, using another language.

Main Mechanics:
A form will be provided where a user can enter different objects for the simulation.
Object count is infinity, browser could stuck if impact on performance is to high to handle.
I will not implement any countermeasures against this, feel free to add 1000000 objects if the project is ready.

In the form the user can provide X Objects, everyone of it having:
-> A Speed in m/s
-> Mass in KG
-> Initial Starting Point X and Y
-> Direction of Force****

Dont know if there is a better concept, but planned is to use the coordinate systems directions north / east/ south / west as directions.
So the user should be able to provide for example "90" as degree value for a direction to east. "270" would be west and "180" would be south.
Rest should self explain.

How will it calculate?
In the main Form, the user can choose a Time Faktor like 1 for normal time speed or 100 for time x 100. This will effect the visual speed you can see in the simulation. 1 would be real time simulated for the values you entered.

I think the only thing counts is the initial state and the next step state. After a step has been completed the calculated step will become the Initial Step

Problems that may occur:
-> Accuracy of Position Calculations may become weird if to many steps are skipped between calculations, im gonna check how this calculations will effect the computers perfoance, and check if there is a need to skip some in the simulation, to avoid stucks.
-> With real high values there comes real long calculations, if you want to simulate real world stuff like planets, if should be necessary to break down the values of the initial objects (like earth mass / 3 [ and every other mass /3 too, to keep it proportional ] )



I do not guarantee the reliability of the information given here, the code described on this page is executed at your own risk and in the event of damage or other unforeseeable consequences I am in no way responsible or liable.
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